JSPE 57th Annual Conference 2009

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

JSPE 57th Annual Conference, 2009,


The World Crisis of 2008 and the Future of Capitalism

To be held on November 22-23, 2009, at the University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus in Tokyo, Japan


The 57th annual conference of the JAPAN SOCIETY OF POLITICAL ECONOMY (JSPE) will be held on November 22 (Sunday) and 23 (Monday), 2009, at the University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus in Tokyo.  The theme of the plenary session is: The World Crisis of 2008 and the Future of Capitalism. In the last annual conference at Kyushu University in 2008, we focused on the global financial crisis caused by the subprime mortgage fiasco in the United States in 2007. We analysed the causes and risks of the subprime shock and discussed the financial situation just after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008. Through analysing this subprime mortgage crisis from multifaceted perspectives, we tried to clarify where global capitalism was now and where it was going.

 In October 2008, the financial crisis worsened and the U.S. Congress passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, authorizing the Treasury Department to use up to 700 billion dollars in a Troubled Asset Relief Program to stabilize financial markets. However, this financial crisis spread over Europe and many countries. The leaders of the G-7 held a meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 10, but were not able to find an effective way from this crisis. The Dow Jones average fell 733 points on October 15, which was the biggest fall since the Black Monday in October 1987.  In December, the Big Three automakers of the United States were plunged into a business crisis because of stagnant car sales and the 700 billion dollars for saving financial institutions were also applied for these automakers’ bailout. The rapid fall of consumption in the United States caused a world-wide decline in exports. Japanese manufacturing industries rapidly reduced their employment at the end of 2008, raising serious concerns about emerging social problems. The U.S. recession has also had a strong effect on production and employment in real sectors of newly industrialising countries in the 21st Century, like China, India and Brazil. The world economic situation has got into a world depression, which is beyond the phase of subprime shock and credit crunch. 

We call this ongoing rapid economic contraction mentioned above “THE WORLD CRISIS OF 2008.”  We will try to empirically analyse the historical path of this crisis, and theoretically understand the roots of this crisis on the theme of the plenary session. We will also think about “THE FUTURE OF CAPITALISM” because contemporary capitalism has dramatically changed in the age of globalization. Can we integrate our society with the ideology of welfare state?  Will we live in the regionalized society in the future?  We will discuss the future of capitalism beyond economic forecasts and business cycles.               


     We call for papers from JSPE members and from others interested in participating in this conference which is based on the aforementioned theme. We will welcome various participants with a wide range of interests and methodological approaches. Although the main conference language is Japanese, we will organize English-language sessions on November 22, especially aiming at accepting those from overseas who are willing to participate in the following two categories:


English Sessions 1: Topics relating to the general theme of the conference

These sessions are designated to the topics relating to the conference general theme: The World Crisis of 2008 and the Future of Capitalism


English Sessions 2: Other specific topics 

These sessions will be organized to focus on other specific topics such as environment and gender and regional economies (including China and others), and so on, while remaining completely open to suggestions and proposals.


Submission Procedures and the Deadline

All those who want to present a paper at the conference should send an abstract of the paper [in 200 words] with (1) name, (2) address (E-mail and mailing address), (3) affiliation and other relevant data by no later than June 13, 2009,  to:

 Prof. Shinjiro HAGIWARA or Dr. Tomohiko SEKINE,

E-mail: Jspecice@jspe.gr.jp

Postal mailing address: Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University, Tokiwadai 79-3, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 240-8501, Japan. Tel: +81-45-339-3575(Office), Fax: +81-45-339-3518


*Notification of acceptance will be sent by June 27. Attendants will pay their conference fee (5000 yen including the conference buffet), as well as their own transportation, accommodation and other personal expenses.


Prof. Shinjiro HAGIWARA, Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University,

Chairman of the JSPE Committee for International Communication and Exchange


*JSPE Executive Office:

Dr. Tetsuji Kawamura, Secretary General of the JSPE, Japan.

c/o Dr. Tetsuji Kawamura, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Dean of the Graduate School of Economics, Hosei University,

4342 Aihara, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0298, Japan, Tel:+81-42-783-2593 & Fax:+8142-783-2611

e-mail: secretariat@jspe.gr.jp; JSPE URL: http://www.jspe.gr.jp/ja