Political Economy Quarterly

Political Economy Quarterly(2004-) is a Japanese top journal on Marxian political economy.
The issues are available on-line two years after its publication. Titles of the articles are available in English. Click here



  • no.1 (April 2017) Marx in the 21st Century: 150 Years After Capital


Vol. 53

  • no.4 (January 2017) The Importance of Capital: 150 Years Later
  • no.3 (October 2016) The Frontline for Feminist Economics
  • no.2 (July 2016) Studying Value Theories: Its Significance and Possbilities
  • no.1 (April 2016) Challenges to Main Stream Economics and the Future of Capitalism


Vol. 52

  • no.4 (January 2016) 70 Years after WWII: The Current Phase of Japanese Capitalism
  • no.3 (October 2015) The Economics of H.P. Minsky: How Can We Overcome the Financial Crisis?
  • no.2 (July 2015) On "State Capitalism" in Transitional Countries to Market Economy
  • no.1 (April 2015) The Frontier of Economic Theory: Political Economy as an Alternative


Vol. 51

  • no.4 (January 2015) De-industrialization and Tertiarization in Contemporary Capitalism
  • no.3 (October 2014) Marxian Crisis Theory and Global Financial Crisis
  • no.2 (July 2014) The Latest Researches on Section II of MEGA: "Capital and Preliminary Studies" - On the Occasion of Completion of Section II of MEGA
  • no.1 (April 2014) How should the Diastrophism of Global Economies be Understood?


Vol. 50

  • no.4 (January 2014) The Potential of Okishio's Economics
  • no.3 (October 2013) Toward a Harmonious Society
  • no.2 (July 2013) The American Capitalism in a Historical Prospect for the Post-Cold War World
  • no.1 (April 2013) Great Earthquake, Nuclear Power Plant and Problems of Political Economy


Vol. 49

  • no.4 (January 2013) Whither European Models of Capitalism?
  • no.3 (October 2012) Association Theory and Non-profit and Cooperative Sector Theory: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead
  • no.2 (July 2012) Aspects of the Arguments on Basic Income: In View of the Coming Japanese Society
  • no.1 (April 2012) The Global Economic Crisis and State: Alternative Approaches for Monetary and Fiscal Policies



  • no.4 (January 2012) Contemporary Capitalism and Commodity Theory
  • no.3 (October 2011) Political Economists' Perspectives on Chinese Economy
  • no.2 (July 2011) Hiromatsu's Theory of Reification and Political Economy
  • no.1 (April 2011) The Transformation of the Social Economic System and the Challenges of Political Economy: Can Japan Change?



  • no.4 (January 2011) Modern Perspectives on Kaleckian Economics
  • no.3 (October 2010) Today’s Labor Theories
  • no.2 (July 2010) World Economic Crisis of 21 Century and New Problem of Economic Crisis Theory
  • no.1 (April 2010) 2008 World Crisis and Future of Capitalism



  • no.4 (January 2010) New Directions and Contemporary Issues in Post Keynesian Economics
  • no.3 (October 2009) Mathematical and Descriptive Methods in Political Economy
  • no.2 (July 2009) The Contemporary Conflict between Market and Regulation
  • no.1 (April 2009) Subprime Shock and the Future of Global Capitalism



  • no.4 (January 2009) The Welfare State’s Transformational Resurgence
  • no.3 (October 2008) Has Japanese Capitalism Changed?
  • no.2 (July 2008) Controversy in Contemporary Money and Banking
  • no.1 (April 2008) How Do We See “Society with Increasing Inequality”?



  • no.4 (January 2008) On Growing Socio-Economic Disparities and Alternatives to the Neo-Liberal Capitalist Systems
  • no.3 (October 2007) Employment and Labour – Quo Vadis?
  • no.2 (July 2007) Contemporary Capitalism and Information Revolution
  • no.1 (April 2007) Transfiguration and Pathology of Contemporary Corporate Capital



  • no.4 (January 2007) What can we think about “Labor”
  • no.3 (October 2006) The Modern Economy with Enormous Government Bonds
  • no.2 (July 2006) The Structure of Global Capitalism
  • no.1 (April 2006) Neo-liberalism and the Crisis of Contemporary Society



  • no.4 (January 2006) Present State of the Philological Researches of Das Kapital: Achievement of Redaction and Publication of MEGA2
  • no.3 (October 2005) Transition Economies: Their Trajectories and Significance
  • no.2 (July 2005) The Theory of “Régulation”: Present and Future
  • no.1 (April 2005) Contemporary Market Economy and Political Economy



  • no.4 (January 2005) Normative Theory of Political economy
  • no.3 (October 2004) “Imperialism” and War
  • no.2 (July 2004) Welfare State and Family
  • no.1 (April 2004) Political Economy Now – a Marxian Reapraisal