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Japan Society of Political Economy

Japan Society
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The Japan Society of Political Economy is an interdisciplinary association devoted to the study, development, and application of Marxian political economy to social problems. JSPE was founded in 1959 and since then has played a central role in the academic study of political economy. JSPE is one of the registered Academic Societies of The Science Council of Japan. Its current chairman is Tetsuji Kawamura, Hosei University.

Aims of JSPE
  1. JSPE organizes its national conference every year in the autumn. The two-day conference consists of plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and a general meeting of members. In addition to the national conference, a considerable number of local meetings are held every year.
  2. JSPE will publish a new academic journal, Political Economy Quarterly from 2004. This will take the place of its annual report, The Bulletin of The Japan Society of Political Economy, which has been issued every year since 1959. JSPE also publishes an annual Newsletter of The Japan Society of Political Economy.
  3. JSPE promotes international exchange programs with foreign academic institutions.
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Dec. 2, 2020

Released the JSPE Statement against the Government’s Intervention in the SCJ and Joint Statement by the Academic Societies of the Humanities and Social Sciences on the Refusal to Appoint Nominees as Council Members to the 25th Term of the Science Council of Japan.