Joint Statement by the Academic Societies of the Humanities and Social Sciences on the Refusal to Appoint Nominees as Council Members to the 25th Term of the Science Council of Japan


December 2nd, 2020

Board of Directors

Japan Society of Political Economy


Japanese Academic Societies Unite to Release a Joint Statement to Protect the Independence of the Science Council of Japan


Japanese scholars have met the Prime Minister Suga’s decision to reject the candidacy of six humanities and social sciences scholars for the Science Council of Japan with grave concern. 226 academic societies in the humanities and social sciences in Japan issued a Joint Statement on November 6th. Since then, the number of co-signers has reached 310. On December 2nd, they issued the same statement in English, gave a press interview and appealed to scholars and citizens worldwide for support and cooperation.

The Science Council of Japan, which is a national academy and not a federation of academic societies, does not directly represent the interests of the societies. Nevertheless, the societies are deeply concerned with the issue as the Prime Minister’s rejection of appointment not only violates the independence of the Science Council of Japan but also further threatens academic freedom, autonomy and democracy in Japan.

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As one of the societies that have co-signed the Joint Statement, hereby Japan Society of Political Economy also releases the Joint Statement and also its own Statement in English.

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Issued on November 6th, 2020

Revised on December 2nd, 2020


Joint Statement by the Academic Societies of the Humanities and Social Sciences on the Refusal to Appoint Nominees as Council Members to the 25th Term of the Science Council of Japan



We, the 310 academic societies in the field of humanities and social sciences, support the “Request for Appointment of New Members for the 25th Term” issued by the Science Council of Japan on October 2nd, 2020, and strongly demand the immediate realization of the following two points:

1. An explanation of the reason(s) why the nominees recommended by the Science Council of Japan were not appointed.

2. The appointment of the nominees recommended by the Science Council of Japan who were not appointed.


Academic societies participating in this joint statement (140)

Art Education Society of Japan

Association for Cultural Typhoon*

Association for Early Japanese Literature*

Association for Japanese Social Literature*

Association for Language and Cultural Education

Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies*

Association for Narrative Studies*

Association for Showa Literary Studies*

Association for the Study of Industrial Management Japan*

Association for the University Evaluation*

Association Japonaise d'Etudes Sartriennes*

Association of Historical Science (Rekishikagaku Kyogikai)

Bukkyo Bungakukai (Society of Buddhist Literature)*

Chiba Rekishi Gakkai (Chiba Historical Society)

Chihoshi Kenkyû Kyogikai (The Local History Confer- ence)

Chuo Shigakukai (Historical Association of Chuo Uni- versity)

Council of Academies for Social Policies*

European Union Studies Association in Japan*

Jochi Daigaku Shigakukai(Historical Society of Sophia University)*

History Educationalist Conference of Japan

History of Educational Thought Society

Hokkaido Society for the Study of Education**

Intercultural Education Society of Japan*

International Society for Gender Studies*

Japan Academic Association of Socio-education and Service Learning**

Japan Academy of Labor and Management*

Japan Association for Comparative Economic Stu- dies**

Japan Association for Educational Media Study

Japan Association for International Education*

Japan Association for Latin American Studies*

Japan Association for Middle East Studies*

Japan Association for Nilo-Ethiopian Studies

Japan Association for Philosophy of Science

Japan Association for Social Policy Studies

Japan Association for the Comparative Studies of Man- agement**

Japan Association for the Improvement of Conditions of Women Scientists*

Japan Association for the Study of School Music Education Practice

Japan Association for Urban Sociology*

Japan Association of Educators for Human Develop- ment

Japan Comparative Literature Association*

Japan Education Law Association

Japan Literature Association*

Japan Music Education Society**

Japan Outdoor Education Society

Japan Schopenhauer-Association*

Japan Society for Educational Technology*

Japan society for Southeast Asian Studies*

Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Com- munication*

Japan Society for the Study of Materialism*

Japan Society for the Study of Technical and Vocational Education and Training*

Japan Society of Developmental Psychology*

Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences*

Japan Society of Mathematical Education

Japan Society of Political Economy*

Japan Society of Social Science on Latin America*

Japan Society of Sport Sociology*

Japanese Association for Contemporary Historical Stu- dies*

Japanese Association for Northern European Studies

Japanese Association of Higher Education Research**

Japanese Association of the Sociolinguistic Sciences*

Japanese Byron Society

Japanese Educational Research Association

Japanese Federation of Philosophical Societies

Japanese Research Association for Community Devel- opment**

Japanese Society for Historical Studies of Social Wel- fare**

Japanese Society for Law and Psychology*

Japanese Society for Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology*

Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies*

Japanese Society for the Historical Studies of Early Childhood Education and Care*

Japanese Society for the Study of Nursing and Social Work*

Japanese Society for the Study of Social Welfare*

Japanese Society for the Study of Social Work**

Kansai Sociological Association*

Law Section of Association of Democratic Scientists*

Manyo Society*

Nagoya Rekishikagaku Kenkyûkai (Nagoya Asso- ciation for Historical Science)

Nara Historical Society

Nihon Kirisutokyo Syakaifukushi Gakkai (Japanese Society for Christian Social Welfare Studies)*

Société Japono-Française de Sociologie

Society for the Study of Diplomatics in Japan*

Society of Archaeological Studies*

Syutoken Keiseishi Kenkyûkai (Association of History of Creation of Metropolitan Area)

The Academy of Middle Ages Literature*

The Association for High School-University Collabo- ration in History Education*

The Association for Studies of Culture and Represen- tation*

The Association for the Study of Japanese Heian Liter- ature*

The Association for the Study of Japanese Language and Literature*

The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology*

The English Linguistic Society of Japan

The Historical Association of Senshu University

The Historical Science Society of Japan

The History of Science Society of Japan*

The Institute for Fundamental Political Economy

The Japan Association for Developmental Education

The Japan Association for Feminist Economics*

The Japan Association for Korean Language Edu- cation**

The Japan Association for Qin-Han Historical Studies

The Japan Association for the Study on the History of Sociology*

The Japan Association of Applied Psychology

The Japan Federation of Societies for the Study of Religions**

The Japan Society for Historical Studies of Education*

The Japan Society for the Study of Adult and Community Education**

The Japan Society of Educational Sociology*

The Japan Society of Youth and Adolescent Psycholo- gy*

The Japan Sociological Society*

The Japanese Association for Environmental Sociolo- gy*

The Japanese Association for Rural Studies*

The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology*

The Japanese Association of Psychology in Teaching and Learning**

The Japanese Group Dynamics Association

The Japanese Historical Council

The Japanese Psychological Association

The Japanese Research Association of Psychological Science*

The Japanese Society for Curriculum Studies*

The Japanese Society for Education of Young Children

The Japanese Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies*

The Japanese Society for Environmental Education**

The Japanese Society for Historical Studies (Nihonshi Kenkyûkai)

The Japanese Society for the Study of Educational Objectives and Evaluation*

The Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Educa- tion*

The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology*

The Japanese Society of Medieval Philosophy*

The Kantoh Sociological Society*

The Kojiki Society

The Linguistic Society of Japan

The Narrative Literary Society**

The Osaka Historical Association

The Phenomenological Association of Japan*

The Philosophical Society of Tohoku*

The Phonological Society of Japan*

The Research Society for Women's History

The Society for Ancient Literature*

The Society for Japanese Linguistics*

The Society for Research on Women's History

The Society for Sociological Theory in Japan*

The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Lan- guage**

The Sociology of Science Society of Japan*

The Tohoku Sociological Society

The United Associations of Language Studies

Tokyo Rekishikagaku Kenkyûkai (Tokyo Association for Historical Science)*


Academic societies supportive of this joint statement (170)

A Japan Branch of the Society for the History of Asian Casting Technology*

Akita Kindaishi Kenkyûkai (Akita Association for Modern History)

Association for East European Studies**

Association for the Interdisciplinary Studies of Japa- nese Buddhism*

Association of Buddhist Philosophy*

Associazione di Studi Italiani in Giappone

Australian Studies Association of Japan*

Business History Society of Japan**

Chiiki Joseishi Kenkyûkai (Association for Local History of Women)*

Doitsu Gendaishi Kenkyûkai (Association for German Contemporary History)*

Hakusan Shigakukai (Association for Historical Stu- dies of the Toyo University)*

Heidegger-Forum in Japan

Hokkaido Sociological Association*

Institute of Science of Cultural History*

International Association of Early Childhood Educa- tion

International Society for Akutagawa [Ryunosuke] Stu- dies**

Iwate Society for Historical Studies

Japan Academic Society for Educational Policy**

Japan Academic Society of Mathematics Education

Japan Academy of Business Administration**

Japan Association for African Studies*

Japan Association for College and University Educa- tion

Japan Association of Gender and Law*

Japan Association of Regional and Community Stu- dies*

Japan Association of Research on Child Care Social Work

Japan Environmental Council*

Japan Federation of Management related Academies*

Japan NPO Research Association*

Japan Scholarly Association for Asian Management*

Japan Society for Disability Studies*

Japan Society for Distributive Sciences

Japan Society for Gender Studies*

Japan Society for the Pedagogy of Physical Education

Japan Society of English Language Education*

Japan Society of Family Sociology

Japan Society of Korean Language Education**

Japan Society of Lifology*

Japan Society of New Testament Studies*

Japan Society of Research on Early Childhood Care and Education*

Japan Society of Social Work in Health

Japan Society of Taoistic Research**

Japan Society of the History of Physical Education and Sport*

Japan Society of Vocational Rehabilitation

Japan Sociological Association for Social Analysis*

Japan Welfare Sociology Association*

Japanese Association for Comparative Philosophy*

Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology*

Japanese Association for Religious Studies*

Japanese Association for the Social Studies*

Japanese Association for the Study of Extracurricular Activities

Japanese Association for Tibetan Studies*

Japanese Association of Modern East Asian History*

Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology*

Japanese Association of Religion and Ethics*

Japanese Association of School Education*

Japanese Association of Social Problems*

Japanese Association of Sociological Criminology**

Japanese Educational Research Association for the Social Studies

Japanese Society for British Philosophy*

Japanese Society for Neoplatonic Studies*

Japanese Society for Oceanic Studies**

Japanese Society for the Study of Human Welfare and Culture

Japanese Society for the Study of Russian History

Japanese Society of Existential Thought*

Japanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik*

Japanische Hegel-Gesellschaft*

Japanischer Verein fuer Goethes Naturwissenschaft*

Komazawa Religious Study Institute*

Kyoto Historical Science Association

Mifukushikai (Society of Early Japanese Literature)*

National Association for the Study of Educational Methods**

Nihon Bungaku Fudo Gakkai (Japan Society for the Geo-climatological Study of Literature)**

Nishida Philosophy Association*

Ôryô Shigakukai (Association for Historical Studies of the Bukkyo University) *

Peace Studies Association of Japan*

Philosophy of Education Society of Japan**

Phonetic Society of Japan*

Rakuhoku Shigaku Kai (The Rakuhoku Society of Historical Studies)

Schelling-Gesellschaft Japan*

Societe d'anthropologie historique

Société franco-japonaise de philosophie*

Societé franco-japonaise des Sciences de l’Éducation*

Société franco-japonaise des Sciences historiques

Société Japonaise de Linguistique Française*

Society for Philosophy of Religion in Japan*

Society for the Study of Modern History*

Society for the Study of Modern Japanese Buddhist History*

Society for the Study of Pali and Buddhist Culture*

Society for the Study of Poverty*

Society for the Study of Working Women*

Society of Inner Asian Studies

Society of the Child and Nature*

Socio-Economic History Society*

Sociological Society of West Japan*

Spinoza Society of Japan*

Sundai Historical Association*

The American Literature Society of Japan**

The Association for Indology and Study of Religion**

The Association for Kyosei Studies*

The Association for Northeast Asia Regional Studies*

The Association for the Study of Japanese Mountain Religion*

The Association of Japanese Ballads and Songs*

The Association of Japanese Geographers*

The Chubu Society for the Study of Education**

The Chubu Society of Philosophy*

The Confucianism Society of Japan*

The English Literary Society of Japan*

The Gender History Association of Japan*

The Historical Association of Tokyo Gakugei Univer- sity

The Historical Society of Akita University

The Historical Society of Hosei University*

The Historical Society of Waseda University*

The Human Geographical Society of Japan**

The Japan Association for Russian and East European Studies**

The Japan Association of Sandplay Therapy*

The Japan Christian Education Society*

The Japan Educational Administration Society**

The Japan Society for Historical Research of Manners and Customs

The Japan Society for Studies on Educational Prac- tices*

The Japan Society for the Geniza Studies

The Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociolo- gy*

The Japanese Archaeological Association*

The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis*

The Japanese Association for Canadian Studies**

The Japanese Association for Migration Studies*

The Japanese Association for the Study of Guidance*

The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music*

The Japanese Association for the Study of Religion and Society*

The Japanese Association of Home Economics Educa- tion*

The Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies*

The Japanese Association of Labor Sociology*

The Japanese Association of Microcounseling*

The Japanese Association of School Health**

The Japanese Association of Sociology for Human Liberation*

The Japanese Association of Special Education*

The Japanese Conference for the Study of Political Thought*

The Japanese Forest Economic Society*

The Japanese Historical Society*

The Japanese Society for Aesthetics

The Japanese Society for Animal Psychology*

The Japanese Society for Historical Studies on Higher Education*

The Japanese Society for History of the Performing Arts Research*

The Japanese Society of Christian Studies*

The Japanese Society of Social Psychology

The Japanese Society of the History of Transport and Communications

The Japan-UK Education Forum

The Kanto Educational Research Society**

The Osaka Association of Historical Sciences*

The Philosophical Association of Japan*

The Political Economy and Economic History Society*

The Saigyo Association*

The Sinological Society of Japan*

The Society for Comparative Family History*

The Society for History of Sengoku Studies

The Society for Korean Historical Science*

The Society for Old Testament Study in Japan*

The Society for the History of Management Theories**

The Society for the History of Social Thought*

The Society for the Study of Occidental History

The Society of Christian Studies, Kyoto University

The Society of English Grammar and Usage

The Society of Historical Research

The Society of Historical Studies of Christianity, Japan*

The Society of Oriental Researches

The Society of Philosophy*

The Women's Studies Association of Japan*

Tohoku Historical Society

Tokai Sociological Society*

University of Tsukuba Philosophical Association*

Waseda Daigaku Tôyôshi Konwakai (Forum of Orien- tal History of Waseda University)*


No asterisk: as academic society

* : as board of directors of the academic society

** : as president of the academic society