Call for Nominations: The JSPE-Routledge International Book Prize



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The JSPE-Routledge International Book Prize Committee invites you to nominate a candidate for the 2021 JSPE-Routledge International Book Prize. The prize promotes the study of heterodox economics throughout the world with the aim of challenging the dominant position of orthodox neo-liberal economics among economists and policy-makers. The prize will be awarded to a living political economist based on his or her "lifetime achievement" as embodied in a distinguished book (or books) published in English between 1996-2020 which reflects the analytical perspectives represented by the Japan Society of Political Economy – that is, which encompasses one of the following subjects: fundamental theories of political economy; historical developments in the critique of political economy and economics; historical and theoretical analysis of modern capitalism; critical analysis of current political economic problems and policy challenges.

Please fill and return the recommendation form by 7 May 2021 to jspeprize(at)

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 The JSPE-Routledge International Book Prize Recommendation Form (Word file)


Tetsuji Kawamura (President, Japan Society of Political Economy)