Call for Papers JSPE 62th Annual Conference 2014

Call for Papers for the 62 Annual Conference of the JSPE

Political Economy Now: Challenges to the Orthodoxy

October 25 (Saturday) and 26 (Sunday), 2014, at Hannan University, Osaka, Japan

The Japan Society of Political Economy (JSPE) is an interdisciplinary association devoted to the study, development, and application of political economy to social problems. It has been the largest organization of heterodox economists in Japan since its founding in 1959. Its annual meetings have provided important occasions for debate among diverse points of view. (For more information see its homepage: )

This year’s plenary sessions will cover such topics as (1) Japanese contribution to political economy; (2) Challenges to orthodox economics; and (3) Interdependence between political economy and other social science.

Japan has been an important laboratory for developing and debating ideas about capitalism and its dynamics. On the one hand, Japan has given rise to several distinct strands of Marxian political economy. Kozo Uno developed an approach to understanding capitalism (and appropriating Marx’s ideas) that contains three levels of analysis: an abstract theory of capitalism in its most fundamental incarnation; the stage theory of capitalist development; and empirical-historical analysis of capitalism. In the 1960s a large number of Marxian economists worked on the theories of monopoly capital and state monopoly capitalism, as well as business cycle and growth theory under monopoly capital. Nobuo Okishio's works on the theory of value and price and his discussion on the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall started the mathematical approach to Marxian economics in Japan.

On the other hand, many political economists in Japan have chosen to work with diverse approaches to political economy. Old and new Institutional Economics were embraced, and then developed in Japan. For example, Kaisha-ism was proposed to understand the postwar Japanese economy and the Japanese corporate system; comparative institutional analysis analyzed institutional diversity and various economic systems. Facing the end of high growth era of Japanese economy, some Japanese political economists paid attention to the Régulation Theory, the Social Structure of Accumulation Theory, and Evolutionary Economics as a new framework of political economy in the 1980s. The study of Japanese capitalism based on Régulation Theory produced original analysis with such concepts as “the company-ist mode of regulation” and “the hierarchical market-firm nexus” in the 1980s and 90s.

The keynote speaker in English is Professor Benjamin Coriat, Université Paris 13.

The JSPE invites proposals for the English sessions in the following categories.
English Sessions I: Topics relating to the plenary session such as: (1) Contributions to developing political economy; (2) Challenges to orthodox economics; and (3) Interdependence between political economy and other social science.
English Sessions II: All proposals reflecting the tradition and analytical perspective of JSPE which include (1) Industrialization of China and India, and Cataclysm of Global Economy; (2) Political Economy of Global Interdependence; (3) economic development and the environment, and (4) gender and inequality.

Submission Procedures and the Deadline:
Proposals should reach the JSPE ( by 19 May 2014 at the latest.

When submitting your proposal, please include:

1. The title of proposed paper (and, if applicable, the category of the session);
2. Name and academic affiliation;
3. E-mail and postal address;
4. An abstract (up to 400 words).
Notification of acceptance will be sent by 30 June.

Cost: Attendants will pay their conference fee (6000 yen per person including the conference dinner), as well as their own transportation, accommodation and other personal expenses.

Application for membership: If you live in Japan, please apply for the membership.

Hannan University is located in the South East side of Osaka. It is very convenient to visit Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

Contact: Prof. Nobuharu Yokokawa (Chairman of the JSPE Committee for International Communication and Exchange) E-mail:
Postal Address: c/o Prof. Hiroshi Nishi, Faculty of Economics, Hannan University, 5-4-33 Amami Higashi, Matsubara, Osaka, 580-8502, Japan Tel: +81(0) 72-332-1224

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