JSPE 55th Annual Conference 2007

Call for Papers

JSPE 55th Annual Conference, 2007,

How Do We Consider "Society with Increasing Inequality"?

To be held on October 20-21, 2007,at Yokohama National University, Yokohama

The 55th annual conference of the JAPAN SOCIETY OF POLITICAL ECONOMY (JSPE) will be held on October 20 (Saturday) and 21 (Sunday), 2007, at Yokohama National University, Yokohama. As stated above, the theme of the plenary session in this conference will be: How do we consider "society with increasing inequality"? With this theme, we intend to analyse what are the essential elements of our "society with increasing inequality" and what are main factors to cause inequality, and we try to propose policies to solve the problem of our society.
We should analyse the problem of increasing inequality in our society from both national and international perspectives. For example, in Japan, economic inequality increased with great assets differentials formed in the Bubble boom in the late 1980s, an increase in non-regular workers and a rise in the unemployment rate caused by the large-scale restructuring of business in the recession in the 1990s, and a sharp decrease in the rate of progressive income tax. Furthermore, the intergenerational reproduction of socio-economic differentials proceeds through the Japanese education system. In the world economy, globalisation and neo-liberalist policies cause increasing inequality and unemployment in advanced capitalist countries, on one hand, severe poverty and unemployment problems in developing countries, on the other.
In this situation, we should ask how economic theories can analyse inequality in income and wealth as well as the intergenerational reproduction of socio-economic differentials and social classes. A new theoretical framework is needed to analyse systematically the generation and distribution of incomes at the macroeconomic level as well as the distribution of income and wealth among individuals from the socio-economic point of view. Furthermore, making economic policies, we should consider how we can propose an alternative strategy to prevent the collapse of the welfare state and rapidly increasing inequality in advance countries and how we can solve the poverty problem in developing countries.
We call for papers from JSPE members and from others interested in taking part in this conference which is based on the aforementioned theme. We will welcome various participants with a wide range of interests and methodological approaches. Although the main conference language is Japanese, we will organize English-language sessions on October 20, especially aiming at accepting those from overseas who are willing to participate in the following two categories:
English Sessions 1: Topics relating to the general theme of the conference.
These sessions are designated to the topics relating to the conference general theme: How do we consider "society with increasing inequality"?
English Sessions 2: Other specific topics
These sessions will be organized to focus on such other specific topics as environment and gender and regional economies (including China and others), while remaining completely open to suggestions and proposals.
Submission Procedures and the Deadline
All those who want to present a paper at the conference should send an abstract of the paper [in 200 words] with (1) name, (2) address (E-mail and mailing address), (3)affiliation and other relevant data by no later than June 8, 2007, to:
Prof. Shinjiro HAGIWARA or Dr. Tomohiko SEKINE
E-mail: Jspecice@jspe.gr.jp
Postal mailing address:
Prof. Shinjiro HAGIWARA
Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University
Tokiwadai 79-3, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 240-8501, Japan
TEL: + 81-45-339-3575 (Prof. HAGIWARA's Office), Fax: +81-45-339-3504

*Notification of acceptance will be sent by June. 22. Attendants will pay their conference fee (5000 yen including the conference buffet), as well as their own transportation, accommodation and other personal expenses.

Dr. Tetsuji Kawamura, Secretary General, JSPE Executive Office, c/o Faculty of Economics, Hosei University
JSPE URL: http://www.jspe.gr.jp/

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