Call for Papers

2003 JSPE Annual conference: Political Economy Now - A Marxian Reappraisal

Musashi University, Tokyo, 18-19 October 2003

The 51st JSPE annual conference will be held on October 18-19, 2003 at Musashi University, Tokyo. JSPE invites proposals for papers in the following three categories.

1. Plenary Session: Political Economy Now - A Marxian Reappraisal

JSPE plenary sessions of the past five years have focused on analysis of the present state of the capitalist economy. The theme this year is the theoretical framework of Political Economy. All proposals will be given serious consideration, but preference will be given to proposals that:       

(1) focus on reappraisal of Marxian political economy, including mathematical formalization;

(2) conduct critical reappraisal of such heterodox political economies as post-Keynesian economics, the regulation approach, and institutional and evolutionary economics;

(3) develop theoretical analysis of a socialist system of economic management after the collapse of the USSR and the marketization of China;

(4) investigate the theoretical possibility of an alternative economic system able to avoid the excesses of market capitalism from the points of view of ecology, feminism, NPO and NGO.

2. Parallel session: America’s global strategy and globalization

We welcome proposals that elucidate the nature of America’s global strategy from the point of view of Political Economy. We believe this to be a most urgent topic in the light of the war led by the United States against Iraq without authorization by the United Nations.

3. Parallel sessions

All proposals reflecting the tradition and analytical perspective of the JSPE are welcome.

Submission Procedure and the Deadline

Proposals should reach the organizing committee by 31 March 2003 at the latest. Notification of approval will be sent by 1 May 2003.

When submitting your proposal, please include:

1.     The title of the proposed paper and the category of session for which it is submitted;

2.     The name(s) of the author(s) and affiliation;

3.     Email and mailing address;

4.     An abstract (up to 200 words);

Please send your submission to:

Nobuharu Yokokawa

Organizing Committee

Email address:

Remember email submission is preferred. Postal address details are given below.

Mailing Address

Musashi University

Toyotama-kami 1-26-1

Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-8534, Japan


Tel: +81-3-5984-3764

Fax: +81-3-3991-1198


Conference attendees will pay their own transportation, accommodation and other personal expenses.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Kazuo Shibagaki (Chairperson)

Prof. Nobuharu Yokokawa (Executive Secretary)

Prof. Tetsuji Kawamura

Prof. Atsushi Shimizu

Prof. Shin Sugimoto